Be a Volunteer Care Provider
We would love to use your skill set and expertise to provide top-notch care to our patients!
Requirements for Participation:
All clinical volunteers must have and maintain an active unrestricted license to practice in Maryland. Our clinics operate in four-hour block sessions (please see clinic locations page for current schedules.) Primary care volunteers (primary care MDs, RNs, NPs, ect.) must commit to at least 18 sessions in a year, and specialty care volunteers must commit to at least 9 sessions.

If your specialty and availability match our need, we will take you through our credentialing process which requires that you complete a number of forms and provide necessary documentation including immunization records and a current TB test. Following this process, we will submit independent practitioners to the Montgomery County government for malpractice insurance to cover your volunteer activities with MobileMed.

How to Apply:
Send an email expressing your interest to, including the following information:
-Your availability. (Review our schedule and specify the locations and shifts for which you could be available.)
-Any languages you speak fluently. MobileMed serves patients who primarily speak Spanish, French, Amharic, Vietnamese, Korean, ect. Bilingual providers help us communicate most clearly with these individuals!
-Finally, please attach a current CV and a copy of your license to practice in Maryland.


What is the credentialing process?

MobileMed is a Federally Qualified Heath Center which ties us to certain standards of record keeping. New volunteers must provide evidence of Measles, Mumps, Rubella, and Varicella immunity, and provide a TB test from within the last six months or get a current test during the process. Applicants will provide documentation of their education and medical qualifications and complete initial MobileMed paperwork as well as forms required by Montgomery County. Volunteers will also be required to pass a background check. Re-credentialing is done every two years on a rolling basis and re-application for malpractice coverage occurs every five years. Volunteers will need to provide certain updated documents and complete current paperwork for both of these processes.

What will my schedule be?

When we review your application we will work with you to determine a time and location where we can regularly use your support. Our clinics operate in four-hour block sessions. Most typically, providers will come in for the same four hour shift every week or the same shift every other week. Once the credentialing process has been completed, our schedulers will add your shift to our electronic record and schedule patients for you. We take your hours seriously out of respect for your time and ours. We expect you to be on-site unless you communicated in advance. In turn, we will only ask for modification of your regular hours in the event of a serious scheduling conflict (i.e. changing our overall clinic hours or making space for a new program.)

What is MobileMed’s inclement weather policy?

MobileMed follows Montgomery County guidelines for inclement weather. When Montgomery County Schools are closed, the clinics using the vans are cancelled. When the Montgomery County government is closed, all MobileMed clinics are cancelled and the offices are closed.

If you would like more information about participating as a clinical volunteer, please contact Naira Hirz, our Volunteer Engagement Assistant, via email or phone 301-493-2400 ext 830.