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MobileMed is seeking non-licensed volunteers to support the efforts of our clinical staff and volunteers. There is a lot of work done in our clinics that does not require medical credentials. We would greatly appreciate your assistance in helping us with administrative tasks, translation, reception responsibilities, medical assistance, and scribing for our providers.

We expect to begin adding additional volunteers in the fall. We are happy to except your application now, for participation in future.

At this time we do not have volunteer positions immediately available, but we are still accepting applications. We work to place as many volunteers as possible. Due to COVID-19 the amount of volunteers we can safely have participating has reduced. If you are interested in in-clinic volunteering, please do submit an application. As positions open, we will get in touch if they match your skills and availability.

General Volunteer Requirements

MobileMed requires that general volunteers come in for at least two, 4-hour clinic sessions a month, for at least six months. Our clinical staff and volunteers depend on the consistent presence of supporting volunteers, so interested individuals must be willing to make this commitment.

In office volunteering for Under 18s is currently on hold due to COVID-19. If you are under 18 and have an idea for how you could volunteer remotely, please get in touch!.
MobileMed cannot have individuals under the age of 18 volunteering in our clinic facilities, but we have an administrative office and would love to have young volunteers working with us at that location!
Helping out in our administrative office may include fielding phone calls, filing, photocopying, record keeping, data entry, and generally assisting staff. We would love to make use of your particular expertise and would be excited to hear from students who can offer valuable skills in the areas of graphic design, marketing, fundraising, website maintenance, or otherwise.

How to Apply

We expect to begin adding additional volunteers in the fall. We are happy to except your application now, for participation in future.

If you would you like to volunteer for MobileMed as an un-licensed individual, please submit your application to our volunteer engagement assistant, Naira Hirz, through our volunteer@mobilemedicalcare.org email with subject line “your last name General Volunteer Application”. Attach your resume and a cover letter, describing your interest and why you would be a good candidate. In your application email, you must provide answers to the following questions:

  1. MobileMed requires that prospective volunteers commit to volunteering for two 4 hour sessions a month, for at least six months. Can you commit to this? Additionally, for what length of time do you see yourself volunteering with us?
  2. Do you speak any languages fluently, in addition to English?
  3. Which of our clinic sessions are you available for? Please specify locations and times. A listing of our clinic locations and their hours can be found here. Our clinics currently accepting volunteers include our Germantown Clinic (19735 Germantown Road), our East Montgomery Clinic (3300 Briggs Chaney Road), and our Rockville Clinic (1500 E Gude Drive).
    Provide all shifts for which you could be available, not just your preferred schedule. Each applicant is reviewed by clinical staff once. We will not resubmit you to them with additional availability, if your initial availability does not match with their current need.

Once you have applied, we will evaluate whether there is an open position that you could appropriately fill. Incomplete applications submitted without one of the three components (resume, cover letter, responses to questions) will not be reviewed. If there is a need that aligns with your skills and availability, your application will proceed to an interview with one of our clinic supervisors.

We look forward to hearing from you!

What kind of role can I fill as a general volunteer?

Please refer to our General Volunteer Roles page.

What else do I need in order to volunteer?

Due to both MobileMed policies and legal requirements there are a number of documents that we need to have on file for every volunteer. For general volunteers we require a CV/resume, photo ID, completed volunteer application, proof of MMRV immunity (measles, mumps, rubella, varicella), Hepatitis B immunity, and a TB/PPD screening from within the last 12 months. Volunteers also need to pass a background check.

What is the inclement weather policy?

MobileMed follows Montgomery County’s guidelines for inclement weather. When Montgomery County Schools are closed, the clinics in our van locations are cancelled. When the Montgomery County government is closed, all MobileMed clinics are cancelled and our offices are closed.

Need more information?

If you are interested, have questions, or generally need more information please reach out to our Volunteer Engagement Assistant, Naira Hirz via email at volunteer@mobilemedicalcare.org. She can also be reached by phone at 301-493-2400, ext. 830.