How To Become A Patient

MobileMed has seven primary care clinics, conveniently located on bus or Metro lines. Our clinics have varied hours. We see patients Monday through Friday from 8:30-5:00, with some additional evening hours.

Due to COVID-19, our van locations are not currently operating, but our three fixed site clinics in Fairland, Germantown, and Rockville remain open. We also serve patients through telehealth appointments when appropriate.

Four simple steps to connect with MobileMed:

  1.  Schedule an appointment with us. Call our office at 301-493-2400.
  2. Bring the necessary documents to your first appointment. This includes a photo ID, proof of address (like a phone bill), proof of income (two pay stubs or income taxes), and your Medicaid or Medicaid card if you participate in one of those programs. If you’re not sure what you should bring, give us a call and ask a question.
  3. Go to your appointment. Arrive at the clinic 15 minutes early to check in at the front desk. You will be called to see your care provider as soon as they are ready for you. If you have any specific questions about your health, please ask them.
  4. You are now a patient with us! Look out for contact from us about follow up care or preventative testing, and reach out to us when you need medical care or have any questions about your health.

Please see our Clinic Locations and Schedule page for our current adjusted schedule. For details about how to get to any of our locations, use our Directions and Transportation Guide.

Making an appointment is easy!
Reach out to our scheduling staff, and they will assist you:
For your appointment, bring:
  • Photo ID
  • Proof of address (such as a telephone bill)
  • Proof of income (such as two pay stubs or most recent income Taxes)
  • Medical Assistance/Medicaid and Medicare cards (IF applicable)

Due to COVID-19 safety precautions, we cannot offer walk-in visits, but we do offer same day appointments as available.

If you would like to make a same day appointment, our office can be reached after 8:30AM.