Nurse Manager

MobileMed Administration, Clinical, CRNP, Open Job Position, Part-Time, RN

Part-time position available immediately. Locations: Takoma Park and Silver Spring, Maryland.


Mobile Medical Care, Inc. (MobileMed), a nonprofit community health center located in Montgomery County, Maryland, is seeking a permanent part-time (16 hours of clinic and 4 hours of case management), RN to work at clinic locations in Takoma Park and Silver Spring. Hours are Tuesday & Friday, 8:30 am – 5:00 pm.

  • Perform high-level assessments of patients presenting at the clinic to determine their well-being and need for immediate care.
  • Perform case management functions around ancillary and specialty referrals. Follow up with Specialty Referral Coordinator and others to ensure timely, appropriate care. When needed, act as liaison with local hospital staff, including emergency, laboratory, and radiology departments. Attend to patients, helping them navigate the healthcare system and ensuring their compliance with referrals and diagnostic testing. Act on all critical or abnormal tests as appropriate.
  • Supervise the medical assistant(s) and registrar in day-to-day operations, which includes discharge planning, medication distribution, appointment set up, application processing, co-pay collection, depositing money, and patient education. Promptly bring any personnel or clinic issues to the attention of the Clinical Director.
  • Review provider notes, including orders, codes and follow up appointments.
  • Responsible for the clinic flow. Approve walk-ins and make assignment changes as necessary to improve patient access.
  • Responsible for adequate inventory of medical and office supplies and medications.

Reports to and under the supervision of the Clinical Director.

To apply, please email a cover letter, resume and salary requirements to